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business consultancy and services
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equipment and materials
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Our company is engaged in production of glued timber using new technologies. We are offering you a comprehensive assortment of wooden constructions which are essential for building of houses, bath-houses, cottages
Established in 1998 and registered with independent corporate status. We set up the head office in Beijing, and the branch agencies in Tianjin, in Kunshan Jiangsu Province, in Tehran, Iran. We also have sister
JINAN FAST CNC MACHINERY CO.,LTD established in 2003,is a high-tech enterprise combined mechanical, optical, and hydraulic technology. In 2007 obtain the “Export Quality License” from China Commodity Inspection
Harbin Saide Hi-tech.Co.,Ltd are one of leading automatic package machine manufacturer and exporter in China.Our products are well received by customs throughout the world because of their stable quality and
LEPSE Mesh Plant is the largest mesh plant of the former USSR and now Russia and CIS. It is in Moscow region. LEPSE produces and sells a wide range of metal nettings from low carbon and stainless steel wire,
collection dogs' statuettes, rewarding wall outlets
Supply high quality and competitive price of auto engine parts! Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd We are the OEM who has specialized in manufacturing of diesel fuel injection system for quite a few years. Our products
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7 years of successful international trading.
Overseer Purchase Manager! If you are looking for reliable supplier!! We offer fruit juice concentrate ,fruit puree in different densities & kind with high quality ,more competitive price. Just contact me{{Amanda}}