business consultancy and services
business consultancy and services
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equipment and materials
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“The Ukrainian Internet Group “” is the Internet agency specialized in the Web-Sites creation, the business-oriented Web-sites integrated maintenance and advancement, support, the advertising through the
Development and production: waste gas heaters (water-moderated, water-steam), exhaust-heat boilers, water and oil refrigerants, gas dampers. Products, made by “HydroThermal” LLC fundamentally exceed in analogues
We trade in chemical raw-materials for cosmetics, fur, leather, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other branches of industry. We deliver raw-materials on demand from China, Germany and France. Principal positions:
“Lvovyanka” Ltd The trade mark "Lvovjanka" (Ukraine) produces outer clothing since 1994, and has a lot of constant clients who represent various official bodies, managers of average and top levels of management
The enterprise was established in 1959 Before reorganization 1991 into the Joint-stock company “FASA” widely known as “Kapsukas factory of manufacture of automatic devices for the food-processing industry”. The
Our company was born on 2000 and sailing Europe Equipment for oil companies: dispensers for petroil and gas stations, pumps, compressors, loading-uploading equipment for refinery factories and petroil stations.
Dear Sirs, Our company offers: molded boards, battens, planking etc. Supply with edge-unsurfaced lumber is also possible. All products are made of Siberian larch. Storages are in towns Lutkarenko Yeysk. More:
Chinasealings Group Inc. headquarteres in Hong Kong, and sets up two sole-funded subsidiary companies in Harbin and Shanghai. According to different qualities and prices, our company divides the products into