business consultancy and services
business consultancy and services
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equipment and materials
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Selected Shoes srl operates in the selection of second-hand clothes and shoes. Our company has twenty years experience, thanks to which it has achieved a prestigious position . Clothing and shoes are collected
Wholesale of diary products: -dried milk; -butter; -whey.
Our company is engaged in delivery of piping accessories, valves, electronic motors, fan heaters, heat-screens. Moderated prices. We propose a lot of special offers. Individual approach to every client.
Group of enterprises “SELMASHCOMPLECT” (Farming Machine Set) in Krasnodar are producers of unique technique appropriate for work with new resource-saving tillage technologies. We offer: disk-harrows BDM 4x4,
Production and selling of all kinds of packaging: flexible, foil, carton boxes, plastic bags, paper bags, etc. Various packaging for food products and manufactured goods
Forged Goods Factory has been producing the artistic forging goods and metalwares for 9 years. During that time we gain a respect and gratitude of our customers. Smithery, artistic forging enclose a forged goods
Dear Purchase Manager : I'm offering you Fruit Juice Concentrates,Fruit Purees,Tomato paste(Apple,Pomegranate,Sour cherry,Red grape,White grape,Strawberry,Date,Orange JC as well as Apricot,Apple,Peach Puree)
Chinasealings Group Inc. headquarteres in Hong Kong, and sets up two sole-funded subsidiary companies in Harbin and Shanghai. According to different qualities and prices, our company divides the products into
Production and supple with steel fiber, polypropylene steeps, protective steeps and dedusting steeps for concrete.
Our company "BOHUI INTELLIGENT PACKAGING MACHINE CO.,LTD" is professional to manufacture Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines,Auger filler,Volumetric Cup Filler,Conveyors and other related packing equipments. They