Today the Internet is a modern instrument of purchase and sale, advertising and promotion of the various goods and services. The global network is the powerful tool for work in all branches and spheres of business. More and more demanded there is an Internet-portals, giving actual services of accommodation and search of the necessary information, an exchange of opinions and adjustments of business contacts.

Business-system Bizator is a unique diversified portal of the "business-for-business" model, giving extensive opportunities for development of your business within the market already won by you and the giving wide channel for an output on the markets of the CIS countries and all world.

Business-system Bizator it is created on the basis of the Ukrainian Portal of Announcements , started in 1999. For some years this project, has collected in a uniform information floor maximum regional business-information. the Ukrainian Portal of Announcements , became one of the key points of a business life of Ukraine and the CIS countries.

During the term of activity Bizator has won the deserved respect and trust from partners and clients due to efficiency, convenience in use of given services and urgencies of the given information, and also active marketing policy, the precise and debugged organization of work with clients and users. We work with each user individually, considering interests and opportunities of everyone.

Having won a worthy place in business-circles of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, having created base of own clients, portal Bizator has set as the purpose an expansion to the world market. On the other hand, to the companies which have mastered the markets of America, the countries of the East Europe and Asia, the unique opportunity of development of the new horizons of business in the markets of the CIS countries is given.

Monthly our portal visits from 150 000 up to 200 000 visitors from more than 40 countries which look through from 300 000 up to 500 000 pages.

The Portal is flexible and multipurpose, precisely focused on fine, average, and also large business. In a basis of system - a base of the precisely structured business information, divided into catalogues of the companies, production, and also business-advertisements.

The dynamical, flexible and universal system adequating real inquiries of users, will satisfy individual business-requirement of each client. The personalized approach will allow to adjust system according to your individual wishes, as much as possible to optimize work, without effort to receive new, actual information interesting to you.

Bizator gives huge opportunities for work and promotions of your business in the Internet world market. Bizator is a tool for constant progress of your business!

Bizator - just business!