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CNC Plate Punching/Drilling Machine - CJ100/CJZ100

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Company:Jinan Fast CNC Machinery Co., Ltd
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Jinan Fast CNC Machinery Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of CNC machines used in iron tower industry and steel structure industry in China for many years. We have exported our CNC machines to Russia, India, Indonesia, Jordan and so on.

CNC Hydraulic plate punching and drilling machine

Model: CJ100
1. Punching force(kN): 1000
2. Printing force(kN): 800
3. Thickness range of workpiece(mm): 6-25
4. Max. Workpiece dimension(mm): 1500*800
5. Number of station: 3
6. Max. Pinching diameter(mm): 31.5
7. Min. Margin distance from punching center(mm. Punching diameter 25.5): 25
8. Number of letter(mm): 14or 18
9. Size of letter(mm): 14*10
10. Working accuracy: GB2694-81
11. Overall dimension(mm. FR*LR*-H)3020*2522*1875
GB/T19001-2000 ---- ISO9001: 2000
On request, CJ100 machine can also be equipped with drilling unit, which is model
CJZ100, whose technical data are as follows:

Model CJZ100

1. Max. Drilling thickness: 40 mm
2. Max. Drilling diameter: 50 mm
3. Speed of main spindle: 100-750 r/min
4. Feeding speed of main spindle: 20-280 mm/min
5. Stroke of main spindle: 180 mm
6. Power of main spindle: 5.5 KW

Technical Charecteristics:

1. Integrated machine with machanical, electrical and hydraulic systems;
2. PLC control and servo-motor feed-in;
3. Self-diagnostic function;
4. Easy programming and connectable with data generated directly from copying the specimen.


1. Modular assembling for main functional parts, easy maintenance;
2. Punching, printing and drilling operations on one plate;
3. Efficient drilling operation by fast approach, slow working and fast return program;
4. On programming, either input punching diameter, location and quantity of workpiece, or network locally with design department to interchange data base;
5. Constant workpiece accuracy and good operating condition.

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