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Chamfering (Beveling) Machine - DZ20

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Chamfering (Beveling) Machine:

Technical Data:


Based in principle of roll shearing, the side and rim angle of plate could be removed during the relative motion that plate is driven forward with the rotation of hob; And the device is capable of satisfying the requirements for bevel prior to welding for Q235 plate, stainless steel plate, 16 mm plate and etc. By using the device, accurate dimension and fine surface of bevel could be obtained.


Compared with beveling with gas cutting, it has features such as low consumption, high beveling speed (three times higher than gas cutting method) and unnecessary to remove burrs. Compared with other cutting devices such as edge planer, double housing planer and etc, it has features such as much cheaper, and smaller floor space required, furthermore the energy consumption is only one third of them. Thanks for the unnecessary clamping workpiece when processing, the operation is simple and the efficiency is high, and the bracket configured is not limited to the length and width of workpiece. Therefore it is a rather suitable option for processing bevel than others and it is the optimal devices in domestic for beveling prior to the welding of plate.

Maine Technical Data:

Tensile strength of plate ōb(N/m㎡)

Example of plate
Q235 Plate
16Mn Plate
Icr8NI9TI Plate

Max. Width of bevel edge W&#65288;mm&#65289;

Charging speed V&#65288;m/min&#65289;

Max. Plate thickness h&#65288;mm&#65289;

Angle range of bevel a(°)

Min. Straight edge e&#65288;mm&#65289;

Outline dimension L x W x H&#65288;mm&#65289;

Motor model&#65306;Y112M-4

Rpm of main shaft&#65288;V/min&#65289;

Hob diameter&#65288;mm&#65289;

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