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CNC Drilling Machine for Tubesheet - GBGZ

Price:10.0 $  Wholesale price:  10.0 $
Company:Jinan Fast CNC Machinery Co., Ltd
Contact person:c Susan
Jinan Fast CNC Machinery Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of CNC machines used in iron tower industry and steel structure industry in China for many years. We have exported our CNC machines to Russia, India, Indonesia, Jordan and so on.

CNC Drilling Machine for Tubesheet

Technical specifications:

This machine is designed through the feature of heat inverter unit, it can finish drilling the hole of tubesheet, hole of bolt and drilling of sheet, also it can be used for handling of joint plate of steel construction and products etc.

It has the system of clamp, automatic removal and refrigeration circulation.

It has to to four power heads which makes it work high efficiently.

Advanced CNC power head feed-in system.

All kinds of safe monitor and alarm stop system: The machine will stop if the drill breaks or other contingency happens, in order to avoid mechanical failure.

Easy operation, lower the possibility of misoperation and the affect of human factor to the quality of the machine.

Realizing CAD/CAM(can be operated once the interrelated file is folded.

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