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Roller Type Angle Straightening Machine - JX130G

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Company:Jinan Fast CNC Machinery Co., Ltd
Contact person:c Susan
Jinan Fast CNC Machinery Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of CNC machines used in iron tower industry and steel structure industry in China for many years. We have exported our CNC machines to Russia, India, Indonesia, Jordan and so on.

Roller-type Angle Straightening Machine


Mainly used in all kinds of style materials(for example: Angle steel, channel steel, I-steel, H section, quadrate steel, round steel, steel pipe and axis class)to straight or bend, widely used inelectric, bridge, construction machine, iron tower, sheet metal and maintainetc. It also can be used for horizontal pressure machine.

Straightening Machine (Roller Type)


This machine is mainly used for strengthening angle with size below
125X125X12mm. Can also strengthening angle of bending, distorting
And folding.

Main Technical Specifications:

Angle size: 40X40X3-125X125X12mm
Angle feeding speed: 25/m
Roller Diameter440mm
Outline Dimensions2580X1200X1450mm

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