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Eaton Soft Starter

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Min. amount:1 Eaton Soft Starter
Company:A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Yu Aly Yu

Eaton Soft Starter

AS Electric Motors Co., Ltd., a leading global supplier of electric motor and motor soft starter, can provide Eaton soft starter as follows.

Eaton S701 Soft Starter:
S701C03N3S, S701D03N3S, S701C25N3S, S701E03N3S, S701E25N3S, S701G03N3S, S701G25N3S, S701C15N3S, S701C25N3BP, S701E15N3,S701E25N3BP, etc.

Eaton Soft Starter DS6 Series:
DS6-34DSX041N0-N, DS6-34DSX055N0-N, DS6-34DSX068N0-N, DS6-34DSX081N0-N, etc.

Eaton Soft Starter S511E10N3D, S511E10N3S, etc.

Eaton DS7 Soft Start Controller:
DS7-340SX004NO-N    DS7-342SX012NO-N
DS7-342SX004NO-N    DS7-340SX016NO-N
DS7-340SX007NO-N    DS7-342SX016NO-N
DS7-342SX007NO-N    DS7-340SX024NO-N
DS7-340SX009NO-N    DS7-342SX024NO-N

Eaton S611 Soft Starter:
S611A065N3S    S611A052
S611A077N3S    S611A065
S611B099N3S    S611A072
S611B125N3S    S611B099

Eaton S801+ Soft Starter:
S801+N66N3S    S801+V36N3S
S801+R10N3S    S801+V42N3S
S801+R13N3S    S801+V50N3S
S801+R18N3S    S801+V65N3S

Eaton S811+ Soft Starter:
S811+N37N3S    S811+U50N3S
S811+N66N3S    S811+V36N3S
S811+R10N3S    S811+V42N3S
S811+R13N3S    S811+V50N3S

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