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Toshiba Motor

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Company:A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Yu Aly Yu

Toshiba Motor

AS Electric Motors Co., Ltd., specializes in providing a variety of electric motors applied in industrial field.

We supply Toshiba Motor including types as follows:
Toshiba IKH Type Motor
Toshiba IKKH Type Motor
Toshiba TKKH Type Motor
Toshiba TIK Type Motor
Toshiba TIKK Type Motor
Toshiba IK Type Motor

Toshiba Low Voltage Motor
Toshiba Medium Voltage Motor
Toshiba Brake Motor
Toshiba General Purpose Motor
Toshiba JIS High Efficiency
Toshiba Explosion-proof Motor
Toshiba Gear Motor

All brands of motors we supply: Kawasaki motor, Mabuchi motor, Omron motor, Brook Crompton Motor, GE motor, Pittman motor, Shin Myung motor, Western motor, Johnson motor, Schneider motor, Baldor motor, Toshiba Motor, SPG motor, Nidec motor, SEW motor, Hitachi motor, Electrim motor, Teco motor, YASKAWA motor,CHYUN TSEH Motor, Simens motor, Sanyo motor, MAXSINE motor, Maxon motor, Leeson motor, Panasonic motor, Emerson motor, ABB motor and so on.

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AS Electric Motors Co., Ltd.  
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Contact Person: Aly Yu