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Teco Motor

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Min. amount:1 Teco Motor
Company:A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Yu Aly Yu

AS Electric Motors Co., Ltd, your trustable partner for a satisfacoty solution for electric motors. We have availability for a full range of TECO motors listed as below:

Teco Motor AEEF Series
Teco Motor AEVF Series
Teco Motor EVEF Series
Teco Motor EVVF Series
Teco Electric Motor AEEFVS Series
Teco Electric Motor AEVFVS Series
Teco Electric Motor AEEV Series
Teco Electric Motor AEUV Series
Teco Electric Motor Series
Teco Electric Motor Series
Teco Brake Motor ETEFDF/ETEFDD
Teco EDVS Motor Series
Teco AEBY Motor Series
Teco AEEU Motor Series

Teco Induction Motor
TECO Single Phase TEFC Motor
TECO Three Phase ODP Motor
TECO Oil Well Pump Motor
TECO Rolled Steel ODP Motor
TECO Three Phase TEFC motor
TECO CNS IE2 Explosion-proof Motor: AEHMXZ/AEHBXZ Series
TECO NEMA Premium Efficiency Explosion-proof Motor: AEHHXU
TECO Crusher Duty Motor
TECO NEMA Premium Medium Voltage Motor: AMHG
TECO NEMA Premium 440 Frame Medium Motor
TECO IE4 Super Premium Efficiency Motor: AEHH4E

All brands of motors we supply: Kawasaki motor, Mabuchi motor, Omron motor, Brook Crompton Motor, GE motor, Pittman motor, Shin Myung motor, Western motor, Johnson motor, Schneider motor, Baldor motor, Nidec motor, SEW motor, Hitachi motor, Emotron motor, Teco motor, YASKAWA motor,CHYUN TSEH Motor, Simens motor, Sanyo motor, MAXSINE motor, Panasonic motor, Emerson motor, ABB motor and so on.

AS Electric Motors Co., Ltd.  

Tel: +86-28-65856704
Fax: +86-28-86129221
Contact Person: Aly Yu

Should you have any questions please feel free to ask us.