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PN type plungers 090150-2700 marked EP9 Plunger for HINO M10U/EM100

Price:3.5 UAH  Wholesale price:  3.5 UAH
Min. amount:1 diesel engine car
Company:China-Lutong Parts Plant
Contact person:rotorhead rotorhead
PN type plungers 090150-2700 marked EP9 Plunger for HINO M10U/EM100
Body Material: Steel
Certification: ISO9001
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Specification: CE
HS Code: 8409999990
Fuel: Diesel
Component: Fuel Injection Device
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Carburettor Type: Downdraft
Origin: China
China-lutong Parts Plant are producingall kind of Nozzle, Plunger and Delivery valve, such as S type, P type (short and long spray) which are available to match with inside and outside diameter rang in 60-135mm of diesel engine. Our Product has beautiful shape, good performance, reliable operation and high cost performance characteristics.
Name :johnson
QQ :2850613608
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ItemTypeReference#Stamping#Engine Model PlungerEP9090150-27002700HINO  M10U/EM100 PlungerEP9090150-32533253KOMATSU PC400-6   SA6D125 PlungerEP9090150-46604660KOMATSU/ HINO   H06C-TL/6D125/SA6D108  PlungerEP9090150-46614661KOMATSU SA6D108E/PC300-5  PlungerEP9090150-56815681KOMATSU  SA6D108 PlungerEP9090150-56835683KOMATSU PC300-5 / 6 SA6D108  PlungerMW1 418 415 0431415-043RENAULT,   PES6MW100/320RS1009 PlungerMW1 418 415 0511415-051VOLVO /10R PlungerMW1 418 415 0651415-065RENAULT / ZANELLO   540-COSECH.CASE C/CUMMINS 6CTA PES6MW100/320RS1112 PlungerMW1 418 415 0661415-066MERCEDES BENZ 10R PlungerMW1 418 415 0731415-073VOLVO PES4MW100/ 320RS1102  PlungerMW1 418 415 0811415-081MERCEDES-BENZ PES6MW100 /   720RS1144  PlungerMW1 418 415 0821415-082MERCEDES-BENZ,  MW-10R. /DONGFENG6CAT240,   PES6MW100/120RS1143 PlungerMW1 418 415 0831415-083MERCEDES-BENZ   PES6MW100/720RS1012  PlungerMW1 418 415 1141415-114MERCEDES-BENZ/IVECO   PES6MW100/720RS1197 PlungerMW1 418 415 1161415-116MAN,   PES6MW100/321RS1201 PlungerMW1 418 415 1181415-118NAVISTAR DTA-466,   PES6MW100 PlungerMW1 418 415 5091415-509MAN,   PES6MW100/320RS1215 PlungerMW1 418 415 5361415-536MERCEDES-BENZ  PES4MW100/720RS1519  PlungerMW1 418 415 5451415-545MERCEDES-BENZ,  MW-10R. / DONGFENG6CAT210,   PES6MW100/120RS1238 PlungerMW1 418 415 5461415-546TRACTOR CASE   7240   / CDC 8,3   / MW

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