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JDM600-QSZ 3-lane High-speed Penguin Bag Making Machine

Price:negotiated  Wholesale price:  negotiated
Min. amount:1 12000mmx1750mmx2200m
Company:juding packing machinery(shanghai)co.,ltd.
Contact person:lau ana

Function: 3 lane 3-side-seal bags.

         3 lane penguin pouch(cheers)bags.

         2 lane stand up pouch with strip film bags.

Speed180shots per minute.

Min. to Max. bag size:80--700mm(height),80--400mm(width), bottom gusset:40--140mm.

Yield: more than 99%.

System: PLC, touch screen, controlled with 6 servo motor and automatic tension control.

Model no.JDM600-QSZ main specification

Scope of Application 

Materials applied: laminated film suitable for hot-sealing(conforms to national and industry standards and its sliding coefficient should be 3.5)

Original film size: max. width 1200mm,max. diameter:¢800mm(paper core diameter ¢76mm)

Film size: max. width 150mm,max. diameter: ¢500mm(paper core diameter ¢76mm)

Middle feeding film size: max. width 300mm,max. diameter:¢500mm(paper core diameter ¢76mm)

Dimension and Speed of Bag-making

Bag-making width:75~600mm

Bag-making length:80~2400mm(have multi-skip bag length longer than 400mm for max. 6 times to send)

feeding depth:20~70mm

Bag-making speed:3 side seal bag 35-180shots/min

                 Stand up pouch: 35-120 shots/min

                 Cheers bag/ penguin bags:35-100 shots/min

                 Stand up pouch with strip film: 35-100 shots/min

Driving Type

Main drive: shaft eccentricity

Main motor:4000W Japan Panasonic servo motor 

Infeeding:3 groups of Japan Panasonic servo motor

Double cutter: 2 groups of Japan Panasonic servo motor


Latitudinal hot sealing:4 groups ,hot bar length 640mm,

Upper and lower heating plate power:3500W

Latitudinal cooling:2 groups, cooling bar 640mm

Longitudinal hot sealing:4 groups, hot bar length 840mm,

Upper and lower heating plate power:3500W

Longitudinal cooling:4 groups, the cooling blade length:540mm

Voltage  Total Power

Three-phase voltage 380V+10% 50HZ total power consumption:42KW

Control Mode

Temperature control: PC control System control: PLC control; Touch Screen

Overall Dimension


Total Weight


Functional option

Cheer bags / penguin bags 4 lane