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JDM600-LSJZ High Speed Multi-function Bag Making Machine

Price:negotiated  Wholesale price:  negotiated
Min. amount:1 16500mmx1950mmx2200m
Company:juding packing machinery(shanghai)co.,ltd.
Contact person:lau ana

Function: 3lane 3-side-seal bags.

         2lane stand up pouch with zipper bags.

         1lane bottom folding stand up pouch with zipper bags.

         Double cutter( round corner punch).

         Ultrasonic wave

Speed180cuts per minute.

Min. to Max. bag size:50--600mm(height), 50--400mm(width), bottom gusset:40--140mm.


System: PLC, touch screen, controlled with 7 sets servo motor and automatic tension control.


Model no. JDM600-LSJZ Main Specification

Scope of Application 

Function:3-side seal,3-side seal with zipper bag, stand-up pouches, stand up pouch with zipper bags, single-web stand up pouch, single-web stand up pouch with zipper bags

Materials applied:laminated film suitable for hot-sealing(conforms to national and industry standards and its sliding coefficient should be ≧3.5)

Original film size: max. width 1200mm,max. diameter:¢800mm(paper core diameter ¢76mm)

Film size: max. width 150mm,max. diameter:¢600mm(paper core diameter ¢76mm) (big size can be customized)

Size and Speed of Bag-making

Bag-making length:80~600mm

Bag-making width:50~400mm

Bottom feeding depth:20~70mm

Bag-making speed:3 side seal bag 35-180 shots/min 3 side seal with zipper 35-120shots/min Stand up pouch with zipper 35-120 shots/min (3 lane 3-side-seal;2 lane stand up pouch with zipper;1 lane bottom folding stand up pouch)

Driving Type

Main drive: shaft eccentricity

Main motor:4000W Japan Panasonic servo motor 

Infeeding:4 groups Japan Panasonic servo motor(1KW, 1.5KW X 2, 2KW)

Double cutting: 2 groups Japan Panasonic servo motor

Sealing Feature

Latitudinal sealing:5 groups ,hot bar length 640mm,upper and lower heating plate power:3500W

Latitudinal cooling:2 groups, cooling bar 640mm

Longitudinal sealing:4 groups, hot bar length 840mm,upper and lower heating plate power:3500W

Longitudinal cooling:4 groups, the cooling bar length:540mm

Zipper heating:2 groups, hot bar length 840mm,upper and lower heating plate power:3500W

Zipper cooling:2 groups,cooling bar length:540mm

Voltage Total Power

Three-phase voltage 380V+10% 50HZ total power consumption:52KW

Control Mode

Temperature control: PC control system controls: PLC control, Touch screen display

Overall Dimension

Length x Width x Height=16500mmx1950mmx2200mm

Total Weight


Functional Option

Die cutting, auto. spout sealing, accumulator system(non-stop machine when material changing)four side seal bags

Series:JDM700-LSJZ JDM1000-LSJZ JDM1200-LSJZ

      JDM700-SZ 4 lane bottom feeding stand up pouch bag making machine