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Composition: 1product, 2nozzle, 2displays, 1motor, 1pump, 2flow meter.

Description: LED Display Series: A LED big screen is added additionally in the standard configuration with the function of displaying "welcome", ads or any other contents. Like the above photo showers.

1. Adopting combination pump or separate pump, smaller shape and convenient maintenance.
2. Adopting painting-side for common type and stainless steel side for luxurious type.
3. Leading-static and Highly-hang oil pipe.
4. Features fueling as ration, resetting by computer and re-displaying when power cut.
5. Big-size aluminum nozzle booster.
6. Flow meter features high precision and strong reliability.
7. Excellent electromagnetic compatibility and strongly anti-jamming.
8. Conveniently combining and extending function.

Technical index and parameter:
Ambient temperature: -40 degree ~ +55 degree
Humidity: 30% ~90%
Max flow: 50L/min or 90L/min
Accuracy: ± 0.3%
Repeating error: Less than 0.15%
Inlet pressure: More than 54Kpa
Outlet pressure: Less than 0.3Mpa
Power: 380V50Hz(220V to be optional)
Noise: Less than 80dB(A class)
Unit price range: 0.01~99.99
Single volume range: 0.01~9999.99
Accumulative volume range: 0.01~99999999999.99
Explosion-proof certificate: CE011195
Explosion-proof sign: Exdm IIAT

Remark: Size, color and design of the fuel dispensers can be optional or produced according to customers' requirement. (The above photo just one kind for your reference)