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Composition: 1 product, 1nozzles, 2 displays, 1 motors, 1 pumps, 1 flow meters

Decriptioin: Bennett Series adopts one of the fuel dispensing technologies from America and enjoys a good reputation for its exquisite structure

1. Adopting Bennett Pump.
2. Leading-static and Highly-hang oil pipe.
3. Features fueling as ration, resetting by computer and re-displaying when power cut
4. Big-size aluminium nozzle booter.
5. Flow meter features high precision and strong reliability.
6. Excellent electromagnetic compatibility and strongly anti-jamming.
7. Nveniently combining and extending function.

Technical index and parameter:
Ambient temperature: -40 degree ~ +55 degree
Humidity: 30% ~90%
Max flow: 50L/min or 90L/min
Accuracy: ± 0.3%
Repeating error: Less than 0.15%
Inlet pressure: More than 54Kpa
Outlet pressure: Less than 0.3Mpa
Power: 380V50Hz(220V to be optional)
Noise: Less than 80dB(A class)
Unit price range: 0.01~99.99
Single volume range: 0.01~9999.99
Accumulative volume range: 0.01~99999999999.99
Explosion-proof certificate: CE011195
Explosion-proof sign: Exdm IIAT

Remark: Size, color and design of the fuel dispensers can be optional or produced according to customers' requirement. (The above photo just one kind for your reference)