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pressure control valve diesel engine & pressure control valve electronic

Price:25 UAH  Wholesale price:  25 UAH
Min. amount:12 normal
Company:China lutong diesel parts plant
Contact person:Li Sandy

pressure control valve diesel engine pressure control valve electronicNOV Sandy


China LuTong Diesel Injection System is committed to the production and application of diesel systems that make vehicles longer and more economical. As the earliest manufacturer of diesel injection systems in China, modern fuel injection systems such as common rail systems are the foundation of our diesel fuel system solutions. Here you can achieve one-stop purchase of a full range of fuel system products!#pressure control valve diesel engine pressure control valve electronic#

main products:


1. Three major diesel engine parts / fuel system components: pump head (supporting Bosch, Denso, Jack Searle, Lucas and Yanmar engines), mechanical nozzles, fuel injectors (P, PN, PDN , S type, SN type, etc.), plunger parts (A type, AD type, P type, PS7100, P8500, PN type, etc.)

2. Common rail accessories: common rail injector, common rail nozzle, valve assembly, common rail valve, valve plate, solenoid valve, common rail control valve, high pressure oil pump, control valve, pressure relief valve, filter element, diesel test bench, Diesel injector, etc.

3. Common rail injectors (Bosch series, Carter series, Denso series, Cummins series), mechanical injector assembly, pencil injector

4. Euro 2 parts, construction machinery parts C7, C9, C10, C11, C13, C15 C18, excavator parts: oil transfer pump, oil outlet valve, transmission shaft, roller seat and repair kit


5. Oil pump assembly: VE pump assembly, distribution pump, off-road VE pump assembly, CB18 common rail pump, high pressure common rail, high pressure common rail equipment




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