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ABB Soft Starter

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Min. amount:1 ABB Soft Starter
Company:A&S Electric Motors Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Yu Aly Yu

ABB Soft Starter

AS Electric Motors Co., as a global supplier of electric motor and motor soft starter, provides a full range of ABB soft starters, such as following models:

ABB Low Voltage Soft Starter PSE Series:
PSE105-600-70,  PSE142-600-70, PSE170-600-70, PSE18-600-70, PSE210-600-70, PSE25-600-70, PSE250-600-70, PSE30-600-70, PSE300-600-70, PSE37-600-70, PSE45-600-70, PSE60-600-70, PSE72-600-70, PSE85-600-70, etc.

ABB Low Voltage Soft Starter PSR series:
PSR105-600, PSR12-600, PSR16-600, PSR25-600, PSR3-600, PSR30-600, PSR37-600, PSR45-600, PSR6-600, PSR60-600, PSR72-600, PSR85-600, PSR9-600, PSRC105-600-70,PSRC60-600-70, PSRC72-600-70, PSRC85-600-70, PSRC9-600-70, etc.

ABB Low Voltage Soft Starter PSS range:
PSS105/181-500F, PSS105/181-500L, PSS105/181-690F, PSS105/181-690L, PSS142/245-500F, PSS142/245-500L, PSS142/245-690F, PSS142/245-690L, PSS175/300-500F, PSS175/300-500L, PSS18/30-500F,etc.

ABB Low Voltage Soft Starter PST(B) Series:
PST142-600-70, PST142-690-70, PST175-600-70, PST175-690-70, PST210-600-70, PST210-690-70, PST250-600-70, PST250-690-70, PST30-600-70, PST30-690-70, PST300-600-70, PST300-690-70, PST37-600-70, ect.

PSTX Series Soft Starter:
PSTX105-600-70, PSTX105-600-70, PSTX105-600-70D, PSTX105-600-70D, etc.

All the brands of soft starter we provide: Benshaw Soft Starter, ABB Soft Starter, Emerson Soft Start, Toshiba Starter, Emotron Softstarter, Baldor Soft Starter, Omron Soft Starter, Allen-Bradley Soft Starter, Rockwell Soft Starter, Moeller soft starter, GE Soft Starter, OMRON Soft Starter, AuCom Soft Starter, Eaton Soft Starter, Motortronics Soft Starter, Siemens Soft Starter, Mitsubishi Soft Starter, Danfoss Soft Start, AELTA  Soft Start, CHINT Soft Starter, Sirius soft starter, Star Delta soft starter, WEG Soft Starter, Schneider Soft Starter, etc.

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