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CAT Tooth Tips, Pins & Retainer, Adapters

Price:100 $  Wholesale price:  100 $
Min. amount:50 piece
Company:A&S Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Liu Annie
AS Machinery Co., Ltd. manufactures the following CAT Tooth Tips, Pins Retainer, Adapters.
315-3441  tip wheel
232-0160 plus tip
1U3352RC tooth
9W8452 Tooth
1U1558 Pin
8E5559 Retainer
2V7053 Weld on compactor foot 
1062047HD Cast Cleaner Bars Cat 815B/F 
3G8250 Tooth J250 Wide (203 5254)
9J2258 J250 Pin 77x14mm 
8E6259 J250 Retainer
5V4311 Finger Shank Adaptor 
7K6908 815 Compactor foot base
Cat 330/336 Teeth 9W8452
Cat 330/336 Teeth Pin 1140468
Cat 330/336 Retainer 8E8469
Cat 312 Teeth 1U3252
Cat 312 Teeth Pin 8E6258
Cat 312 Teeth Retainer 8E6259
Cat 320 Small Teeth 1U3352
Cat 320 Small Teeth Pin 1073308
Cat 320 Retainer 8E6259
Cat 320 Big Teeth 1U3352
Cat 320 Big Teeth Pin 8E6358
Cat 320 Big Pin Retainer 8E6359
Rock bucket tooth  Caterpillar Model 320 - Normal 1U3352
Rock bucket tooth Caterpillar Model 320 - Strong 1U3352RC
Adaptor "Weld on Two Strap" 1U3352 Caterpillar 320 - 616354 
Ripper Tooth with Carbide ARM
Adapter 8J7525
Adapter 3G8354
Tooth 1U3202 RC
Tooth 1U3252 RC
Tooth 1U3302 RC
Tooth 1U3352 RC
Adapter 6Y6335
Tooth 6Y5230
Tooth 1U3352 for CAT 320
Tooth 232-2111 for CAT 345
Tooth 9W8452RP
Tooth 9W8452PT
Pin for 9W8452RP / 9W8452PT
Adapter for 9W8452RP Bucket Lip 2"
Tooth 1U3452
Pin for 1U3452
Adapter for 1U3452 Bucket Lip 2"
Tooth  1U3552RC
Adapter 6I6554
Pin Retainer 6Y8558 8E5559
Cutting Edge 109-9212-50mm
Cutting Edge 1U0761-50mm
Tooth 9N4453
Adapter 114-0464
Pin Retainer 114-0468 107-3469
Y9N4353 Tip cat J350 Abrasion HD
Y1U1354 Adapter J350 Flush mount
Y3G3357 Adapter J350 40mm- Bolt on
Y8E6358 Pin-Cat J350(19mm x 105mm)
Y8E6359 Retainer-Cat (966)D4-140G
5P8823/3K9770 Plow boltNut(1-1/4x4 ins)
Y6I6602PT Tip cat J600 Abrasion HD, Pen
Y6I6604 Adapter - cat J600 80mm B,Weld on
Y6I6608 Pin-cat J600(30mmx192mm)
Y6I6609 Retainer-Cat J600
Y1U3352PT Tip cat J350 Penetration Abr H/D
Y3G8354 Adapter- cat J350 40mm Blade Weld on
Y7T3402PT Tip cat J400 Penetration Abr/HD
Y6I6404 Adapter-Cat J400 45mm Edge
Y7T3408 Pin(22mm x 117mm) J400
Y8E8409 Retainer-Cat J400 Pin
Y9W8552PT Tip Cat J550 Penetration-HD
Y6I6554 Adapter -Cat J550 992 60mm
Y8E5559 Retainer Cat J550
Y6Y8558 Pin cat J550
bucket tooth Available at AS Machinery Co.,Ltd.
CAT Excavator bucket tooth
CAT Loader bucket tooth
KOMATSU Excavator bucket tooth
KOMATSU Loader bucket tooth
HITACHI Excavator bucket tooth
JCB Excavator bucket tooth Side Cutters
KOBELCO Excavator bucket tooth
HYUNDAI Excavator bucket tooth
TEREX Excavator bucket tooth
VOLVO Excavator bucket tooth
VOLVO Loader bucket tooth
LIEBHERR Excavator bucket tooth
BUCYRUS Electrical Shovel bucket tooth
PH Electrical Shovel bucket tooth
DOOSAN Excavator bucket tooth
DOOSAN/DAEWOO Excavator bucket tooth
SANY Excavator bucket tooth
SDLG Excavator bucket tooth
SDLG Loader bucket tooth
XUGONG Excavator bucket tooth
LIUGONG Excavator bucket tooth
CAT Bulldozer Ripper Tooth Shanks
KOMATSU Bulldozer Ripper Tooth Shanks
ESCO bucket tooth
MTG bucket tooth
Any interest or inquiry, please feel free to contact:
AS Machinery Co., Ltd.
469 Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China
sparewearparts (do) com
Tel: 0086 28 6115 2008   Fax: 0086 28 8612 9221
Wechat: 0086 18081097716

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