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Tooth, Pin and Adapter for Drill Machine

Price:400 $  Wholesale price:  400 $
Min. amount:10 Piece
Company:A&S Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact person:Liu Annie
AS Machinery Co., Ltd. supply Drilling Tooth, Pin and Adapter.
Description  Unit Weight (Kg)
18TL  Soil Tooth  1.2
18HD  Heavy Duty Soil Tooth  1.3
833-18 Tooth Holder/Adapter  1.8
18PN/LK Tooth Pin/Lock   0.2
25T Soil Tooth  2.3
25VIP Chisel Soil Tooth 2.8
25HD Heavy Duty Soil Tooth 2.6
855-25 Tooth Holder/Adapter 3.3 
25PN/LK Tooth Pin/Lock  0.3
4K34 Soil Tooth  2.5
P18 Tooth Holder/Adapter 3.4
4K34PN/LK Tooth Pin/Lock 0.3
16R55 Soil Tooth 0.8
C355 Tooth Holder/Adapter 3.2
35S Soil Tooth  4.5
3803-35 Tooth Holder  7.3
35PN/LK Tooth Pin/Lock  0.5
Tooth V29SYL 4.7
Pin V29  0.12
Holder V29 8
Tooth V39SYL  10
Pin V39  0.18
Holder V39  15.5
Tooth 1U3252
Tooth LC250PL
Tooth 25S
Pin 25LK
Pin 25pn
Tooth V29SYL
Tooth V29AD
Pin V29PN
Tooth 215
Pin 215
Tooth 18TL
Pin 18LK
Pin 18PN
Weld-on Adapter 855.25
Weld-on Adapter 833.18
Adapter 8876.19
Tooth 2524.13
Pin 27.39
Tooth 215
Tooth U35S
Pin U35S
Adapter 5855-U35 
Tooth V29SYL
Pin V29
Holder V29
Tooth V39SYL
Pin V39
Holder V39
Drill machine references: Bauer BG20H,Soilmec SR60, Sandvik, Atlas Copco
Bucket Tooth Available at AS Machinery Co.,Ltd.
CAT Excavator Bucket Tooth
CAT Loader Bucket Tooth
KOMATSU Excavator Bucket Tooth
KOMATSU Loader Bucket Tooth
HITACHI Excavator Bucket Tooth
JCB Excavator Bucket Tooth Side Cutters
KOBELCO Excavator Bucket Tooth
HYUNDAI Excavator Bucket Tooth
TEREX Excavator Bucket Tooth
VOLVO Excavator Bucket Tooth
VOLVO Loader Bucket Tooth
LIEBHERR Excavator Bucket Tooth
BUCYRUS Electrical Shovel Bucket Tooth
PH Electrical Shovel Bucket Tooth
DOOSAN Excavator Bucket Tooth
DOOSAN/DAEWOO Excavator Bucket Tooth
SANY Excavator Bucket Tooth
SDLG Excavator Bucket Tooth
SDLG Loader Bucket Tooth
XUGONG Excavator Bucket Tooth
LIUGONG Excavator Bucket Tooth
CAT Bulldozer Ripper Tooth Shanks
KOMATSU Bulldozer Ripper Tooth Shanks
ESCO Bucket Tooth
MTG Bucket Tooth
Any interest or inquiry, please feel free to contact:
AS Machinery Co., Ltd.
469 Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China
sparewearparts (do) com
Tel: 0086 28 6115 2008   Fax: 0086 28 8612 9221
Wechat: 0086 18081097716

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