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Router Spindle Model GDZ-80-2.2B GDZ-100-3 GDZ-125-5.5 2.2kw 3.0kw 5.5kw

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Router Spindle Motor for Sale


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Router Spindle Motor GDZ-100-3 Specification

Model. No | GDZ-100-3

Spindle Diameter | 100mm

Rated Power | 3.0KW

Max. Speed | 24000RPM

Rated Voltage | 380V or 220V

Current | 9A

Frequency | 400Hz

Collet | ER20

Acceptable Router Bit Shank Size | 3.175 ~ 12.7mm (from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch)

Cooling Way | liquid or water

Maintenance | water need to be changed regularly during machining

Net Weight | 9KGS

Application | cnc wood router, cnc wood lathe, stone working router, and other woodworking equipment


Entire Models of Router Spindle We Provide:

GDZ-80-1.5 (1.5kw 80mm diameter), GDZ-80-2.2 (2.2kw 80mm diameter), GDZ-100-3 (3.0kw 100mm diameter), GDZ-125-5.5 (5.5kw 125mm diameter)


After you get a new router spindle replacement, please click here to learn useful tips concern how to make it work for you longer.


Common Sense Tip: the difference between water-cooled spindle motor and air-cooled spindle

1. Water cooling spindle is using of water circulation to cool the heat generated by the spindle rotating at high speed. The cooling effect will be good because the motor temperature (usually tested) will not exceed 40 degrees after the water has been circulated; the air cooling spindle is cooled by a fan from the top of spindle, and the cooling effect is definitely not as good as that of water cooling. Due to this point, water cooled router spindle is more suitable to do the long time carving work than air-cooled spindle. But this is not mean that air cooled router spindle cannot do carving jobs, it can do also, just its service life will get reduced after working for more than 4 hours continuously. For example, the carving jobs will take 6 hours to finish; machine with air cooled router spindle have to work 4 hours first, then take a rest like 30 minutes, next start again to finish the carving. This way will have no harm on spindle. It will do harm to air cooled router spindle to make it work for more than 4 hours continuously. While if same case to water cooled router spindle, you can let it work for 6 hours without rest until finish the jobs. 


2. Noisy. The water-cooled spindle is essentially noiseless, but the air-cooled spindle is relatively noisy.  

3. Service life. If we did good maintenance on water cooled router spindle like change water frequently or use industrial chiller for it, the service life of it will be much longer than air cooled router spindle.  


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