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Spindle Bearing Replacement for original Italy HSD AT/MT1090-100 4.5KW 1090-140

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Company:Jinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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Spindle bearing original GMN brand for original Italy HSD Spindle


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This product is spindle bearing for origin Italy HSD spindle model AT/MT 1090-100 4.5KW, AT/MT 1090-140 6.0KW and AT/MT 1073-120 3.0KW.


The spindle bearing replacement EagleTec provides are origin bearings imported from Germany, Poland and Japan, which are fully match to your HSD spindle. They are the same bearings with the ones in your HSD spindle.


Quick details of spindle bearings

Brand: GMN

Origin: Germany

Unit: in pair


HSD Spindle Bearing Replacement Features:

1. Matching spindle model include HSD spindle AT/MT 1090-100 4.5KW, AT/MT 1090-140 6.0KW, AT/MT 1073-120 3.0KW and more.

2. All the bearings are origin product of GMN and NSK which is imported from Germany, Poland and Japan.

3. HSD spindle bearings are all high-speed bearing kit with Max. Speed of 30,000RPM.

4. Bearings for HSD spindle are full sealing products.


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