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bosch diesel hand primer pump 152200-1120 DIESEL HAND Pump For Bosch

Price:2 $  Wholesale price:  2 $
Min. amount:12 normal
Company:China lutong diesel parts plant
Contact person:Li Sandy

bosch diesel hand primer pump 152200-1120 DIESEL HAND Pump For BoschItem Name: bosch diesel hand primer pump

Model NO.: 152200-1120Warranty:1 year

Quality:100% Tested

Condition:Brand New

Raw material: Cr12MOV

Certification: ISO9001

Cylinder: Multi-cylinder

Trademark: China-Lutong

HS Code: 84129090aSandy(JUL)China Lutong Parts Plantwhatsapp/tel:008618659458099#bosch diesel hand primer pump 152200-1120 DIESEL HAND Pump For Bosch#

#bosch diesel hand primer pump##DIESEL HAND Pump For Bosch#

#bosch diesel hand primer pump  DIESEL HAND Pump For Bosch#


China Lutong Parts Plant is specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of high quality diesel engine parts for ISUZU, KOMATSU, TOYOTA, CITROEN, Alfa Romeo, VW, FIAT, CUMMINS, VOLVO which include Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve, Injector, Head Rotors, VE Pump Parts, Common Rail Nozzle, Repair Kit, and Diesel Fuel Injection System.


As being in the business line for 28 years, we also have already gained accolades from a long list of clients in Europe, the Middle East, Far East, Africa and South America. And our intensive knowledge in our domain also helps us to stay ahead in the industry.Early in the development of this new engine the importance of the fuel injectionprocess on engine combustion was emphasized,and subsequent progress in diesel engine development has been largely dependent upon improvements in fuel injectioninjection systems has been similar to the one first used  by Rudolph Diesel. Fuel oil was metered and delivered by a pump to the atomizer, which was in communication with a high pressure air storage tank supplied by an a i r compressor, and injection occurred when the injector valve was opened by a cam actuated mechanism. High pressure air then flowed into the engine cylinder carrying along  with i t  the  metered fuel as a finely atomized spray.

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