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Bosch Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor 0 281 006 163 diesel fuel pressure sensor

Price:20 $  Wholesale price:  20 $
Min. amount:12 normal
Company:China lutong diesel parts plant
Contact person:Li Sandy
Bosch Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor 0 281 006 163 diesel fuel pressure sensorJULSandyChina lutong


Product name:Bosch Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor

Model NO.:0 281 006 163Component: Fuel Injection Device

Stroke: 4 Stroke

Fuel Saver Type: Electronic

Transport Package:Neutral Packing

Origin: ChinaCar Make: Diesel Engine Car

Body Material: Steel

Certification: ISO9001

Cylinder: Multi-cylinder

Carburettor Type: Diesel Fuel Injection Parts

Trademark: China-Lutong

Specification: diesel fuel injector nozzle

HS Code: 84099199

Shipping Weight:0.45KG/12pcs

working life :80000KM

Warranty:1 year

Quality:100% Tested

Condition:Brand Newcommon rail injector parts#Bosch Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor 0 281 006 163 diesel fuel pressure sensor##Bosch Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor##diesel fuel pressure sensor#

#Bosch Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor  diesel fuel pressure sensor


Commom rail the main advantages of the common rail direct fuel injection can be summarized in reduction of exhaust and noise emissions, better fuel efficiency and improved overall engine performance. The system consists of a high-pressure pump,injectors, a rail, and an electronic control unit.



Chian lutong is a manufacturer that manufactures and sells diesel engine components and is committed to providing customers with high-quality fuel injection system accessories. The company has passed ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification. The products meet the quality standards and have price advantages. They are exported to South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places, and have been widely recognized and affirmed in the market. The company adopts good prerequisite programs and reasonable production processes, sound production quality management mechanisms and testing equipment to produce the three major parts of the diesel fuel supply system-pump heads, injectors, plungers, control valves, valve plates, Single pump, nozzle checker, high pressure common rail test bench, fuel injector, common rail pump, common rail valve assembly, products are widely used in light, medium and high power diesel engines, covering automotive, agricultural, engineering machinery, Supporting repair and use in marine and other industries. At present, our company has more than 6000 types of diesel injection system (common rail system) spare parts, and is constantly developing new products to meet the needs of the market and customers.



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