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Industrial Filter

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Min. amount:10 piece
Company:Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD
Contact person:Liu Emily
Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.LTD
Industrial Filter 
Industrial Filter (English name: Industry Filter Mesh)Industrial filter, also known as filter, oil filter, metal mesh, filter, is made of high quality metal mesh after folding process, also can add supporting network, composed of a multi-layer filter.
Material: stainless steel wire mesh, sintered wire mesh, copper mesh, black wire cloth, galvanized wire and other metal mesh, etc. 
Process: stamping, package edge. Features: good rigidity, filtration precision accurate, can be repeated washing, use for a long time. 
Classification: according to the shape is divided into circular filter, long waist shape filter, rectangular filter, circular filter, elliptic filter, disc filter, etc., can also be divided into single filter and multi-layer filter. 
Purpose: industrial filter is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, rubber, plastics industry, grain and oil filter sieve grading industry.