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Hastelloy Alloy Wire Mesh/Alloy20 Wire Mesh

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Min. amount:10 pc
Company:Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD
Contact person:Liu Emily

Anping Tenglu metal Wire Mesh Co.LTD


Hastelloy Alloy Wire Mesh/Alloy20 Wire Mesh


Weaving pattern:plain /twill


Hastelloy alloy belongs to nickel-based alloy,it is the most corrosion-resistant modern metal materials,It is mainly corrosion-resistant to wet chlorine,various oxidizing chloride,chloride salt solution,sulfuric acid and oxidizing salt,and has strong corrosion resistance under low or medium temperature hydrochloric acid.

Therefore,since the past thirty years,in the harsh corrosive environment,it was widely applied in many fields such as chemical,petrochemical,water exchanger flue gas desulfurization equipment,pulp and paper,environmental protection and other industrial fields.