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Mild Steel Raised Expanded Mesh/Expanded Metal Mesh

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Min. amount:10 piece
Company:Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD
Contact person:Liu Emily

Anping Tenglu metal Wire Mesh Co.LTD

Mild Steel Raised Expanded Mesh/Expanded Metal Mesh

Expanded mesh mild steel is made from flat mild steel sheet which has been slit and stretched to expand the sheet and produce holes.

The finish mesh hole size is determined by the size if slit cut and how much the sheet is pulled/stretched apart.

Smaller meshes are generally supplied in small sheets 1250 mm x 1250 mm.

The larger the mesh size, the larger and thicker the finished sheet can be. 

Raised mesh has a raised surface just like a grater.

Raised mild steel expanded mesh are general industrial meshes. Raised mesh is typically stronger and more robust than an equivalent flattened mesh due to the structural strength gained from the mesh bonds and strands being set at an angle.

Open area / visibility through raised mesh is variable depending on the angle at which the mesh is installed / used. Raised mesh also provides excellent grip when used as a decking material fixed on top of timber boards or if a suitably heavy duty mesh is selected, it can be used as an effective anti-slip deck for vehicle ramps where dirt and water can easily fall through the mesh

Raised Mild Steel Expanded Mesh


A raised mild steel mesh most often used for ramps, window guards or general security use.

Stock size: 2440mm x 1220mm

Strand thickness: 3.00

Weight kg/m2: 6.52

Available in mild steel finish.