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nozzle injector bosch diesel Nozzle injector nissan navara

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Min. amount:6 20*13CM
Contact person:Chen Rodge

sell #nozzle injector bosch diesel Nozzle injector nissan navara from China-Lutong. MAR -rodge
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CHINA-LUTONG adhere to the depth of the development of foreign markets and expand the domestic market with our combination of marketing strategies, to carry out #nozzle injector bosch diesel#, after-sales service, and constantly strengthen our marketing to build high-quality diesel injection system (components) manufacturers and #Nozzle injector nissan navara#

Future-proof and flexible design
    Testing and adjustment of diesel transfer pump nozzle opening pressure
    Assessment of the injection spray with regard to shape and atomization (Nozzle injector nissan navara)
    Checking for leaks in #nozzle injector bosch diesel#, and checking the chatter properties on two-spring nozzle holders, stepped nozzle holders, and UI/UP applications

Efficient work
    Reduced total error (± 2.4 bar) through high read-off (1 bar) and pressure gauge accuracy
    Idling vibrations of the engine can be avoided by extremely accurate analysis of the smallest possible leaks

Shipping Terms:
(1) We support shipment by DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS, etc.
(2) Items will be only shipped after payment is confirmed
(3) For security reasons, we only ship orders to the delivery address
(4) For customers from Russia or some Eastern Europe country, please choose EMS or other appropriate Express which are easy for customs clearance.
(5) Buyer bear the import duties imposed by customs in your country.

As being in the business line for years, we always keep our steps with the international standard and technics and absorb the advanced producing system. So our #Nozzle injector nissan navara# are exported to wide client-base spread across the world.

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