China-lutong being an major manufacturer and exporter, the products covers Common Rail Injector, Common Rail Injector Control Valve, Common Rail Nozzle, HEUI C7 C9 C6.4 Injectors, HEUI Injector repair kits, EUI EUP Injector Valve. Over 30 years manufacturing experience with its speciality in Head Rotor, Diesel Injector, Nozzle, Plunger, Element, Delivery Valve, Diesel Injection Pump and Pump Parts(Feed Pump, Drive Shaft, Cam Disk, Cross Disc, Solenoid Switch, Regulating Valve).

Detailed description

China Lutong Parts Plant is a famous manufacturer and supplier in diesel engine parts. It specializes in fuel injection system with manufacturing, sales and export trade. The company is always adhering to the "Quality Oriented, Keep Improving" , focusing on independent innovation and upgrading the core technologies. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers in china and around world, and has been keeping a good relationship with corporation which is one of the largest suppliers of spare parts in the global commercial vehicle maintenance market.

As countries in the world increasingly raise their emission standards for automobiles, the market demand for common rail products with low energy consumption and low pollution are also increasing day by day. As a pioneer in diesel technology, CHINA LUTONG is fully committed to the increasing demand for modern diesel technology. Our common rail products (common rail valve assembly, common rail injection and common rail injector) produced by our company are widely recognized by both domestic and overseas markets for energy saving and emission reduction.

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