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Concrete Wire Mesh

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Concrete Wire Mesh


Uses of Wire Mesh

Concrete wire mesh is used primarily in construction. Steel mesh helps to reinforce poured concrete's tension strength. Concrete with a high strength can't be compressed, but low tension strength means that concrete is easily pulled apart. This is why it cracks easily and breaks up as water freezes in the cracks during cold weather.


Contractors like to use wire mesh in a number of places to reinforce concrete. The main use of concrete wire mesh is in home and building construction. It is used in patios, foundations, walls and even sidewalks. Plus, this metal grid has other impromptu uses:


Temporary Fencing

Ground cover or traction

Animal barrier

Cage walls

Support for growing plants


This material is useful in jobs all around the home. Sheets of stainless steel mesh can even be used for interior decorating projects or re-purposed with frames to hang notes, pictures or keys on by the front door