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Spiral Perforated Tubes

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Spiral Perforated Tubes


Product Description:

Perforated spiral welded tube is made with steel belt perforated, then coiled to the unfinished piping according to certain spiral line's angle (formation angle), then finished with sub arc welding of the pipe seams. The spiral angle degree of the welding seam of spiral welded tube is 50-75 degrees generally, therefore the spiral welded joint place resultant stress is 60-85% of that of the straight seam welded tube. Under the same working pressure, the wall thickness of spiral welded tube may be less compared to the straight seam welded pipe wall thickness.


Mild steel and stainless steel are common materials of manufacturing spiral perforated tubes. For generally applications, carbon steel is available. However, for corrosive work conditions, stainless steel perforated pipe is a cost-efficient choice in the long terms.


Lock seam perforated pipe is made by folding up the overlapping edges against each other, then folding them over in the same direction a number of times. It has flush surface outside and lock seam inside. This type perforated tubing is the popular option of fluid filtration like center tube in the filter house.


The spiral welded tube is mainly used in the petroleum industry as interior and outer protective covers for petroleum sand control pipes.


Spiral perforated tube -- different types:

Spiral Lock Seam Tubes

Spiral Louvered Tubes

Straight Seam Welded Tubes

Straight Lock Seam Tubes

Straight seam tack welded Tubes

Spot welded Straight Tubes



Excellent corrosion-resisting

Tubes are available with an internal spring for additional strength

With side opening exterior protection cover (optional)

Unique design of filter ring

Spiral welded perforated tube is approximately 15% stronger than longitudinally and welded tube

Easy for installation and less work time

Unlimited tube lengths

Lighter wall thickness can be used


Hole Style: Round,Square.slot.

Hole Pattern:straight line/stagger line

Aperture: 0.3mm--10mm

Center distance: 1mm--30mm

Degree :45°.60°.90°

Plate thickness: 0.1mm--5mm

Outer Diameter :20mm to 1000mm

cylinder height :30mm to 1200mm



Used in water treatment, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, oil filtration and etc, it could be filter mesh, filter element, filter cartridge, filter disc and etc.


Packaging :Wooden box


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