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Twilled Dutch Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

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Min. amount:50 piece
Company:Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD
Contact person:Liu Emily
Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD
Twilled Dutch Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
•Product Description:
Stainless steel wire mesh/fabric is produced in twilled dutch weave, this kind of woven mesh is light tight woven mesh, it is finer filtration than plain dutch weave. twilled dutch weave wire mesh are the most widely wire mesh used in the heavy duty filtration industries.
For twilled dutch weave wire mesh,warp wires of larger diameters are interwoven with a wider pitch than weft wire, the warp wire passes over two and under two weft wires, as in normal twilled weave, producing a very strong and firm cloth.
Twill dutch weave:20x250mesh to 400X2800mesh.
High pressure filtration
Very low absolute accuracy 3 µm
Tight mesh and high resistance
Very strong and firm cloth
High level of flow and minimal pressure drop
Stainless steel 200 series: Grade 201, Grade 202
Stainless steel T300 series: Grade 304, Grade 304L, Grade 316, Grade 316L, Grade 321
Stainless steel 400 series: Grade 410, Grade 420, Grade 430
In the filtration industries, for filter discs and cartridge filters, such as plastic extrusion screens and sand control screen.
•Packaging :Wooden box
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