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Plain Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

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Min. amount:50 piece
Company:Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD
Contact person:Liu Emily
Anping Tenglu Metal Wire Mesh Co.,LTD
Plain Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
•Product Description:
Plain weave stainless steel wire mesh/cloth is kind of square weave wire mesh, it is the most widely wire mesh used in the industries. The wire mesh is manufactured by weaving machines, after 13 whole weaving process, the mesh surface flatness would be better.
Plain Weave: also called tabby weave, linen weave or taffeta weave, is the most basic type of weaves. In plain weave, the warp and weft are aligned so they form a simple criss-cross pattern. Each weft thread crosses the warp threads by going over one, then under the next, and so on. The next weft thread goes under the warp threads that its neighbor went over, and vice versa.
In the architectural and decorative industries, for the screen of window, door, fireplace and ceiling.
In the EMI and RFI shielding industries, for shielded room and faraday cage.
In the water, oil and gas industries, for the raw material of filter element.
In the petrochemical and chemical industries, for test sieve and structured packing.
In battery industries, as an electrode substrates or current collectors part of fuel cells.
•Packaging :Wooden box
•Our Service:
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Wire diameter:0.7,0.3,0.25,0.23,0.12,0.1,0.05mm
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