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High alumina cement - 1

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1. High alumina cement descriptiom
High alumina cement, also known as HAC, is a special cement compound that develops strength very quickly. It is produced much in the same way as other forms of cement, but its unique makeup results in characteristics that are unique to HAC. Specifically, high alumina cement is chemical resistant and can withstand frigid temperatures.

2. About our High alumina cement
Our company can offer refractory cement (also name as high alumina cement, calcium aluminate cement) with good quality but competitive prices. It is widely used in refractory products as the raw material. Please find main information as below:

3. Calcium aluminate cement Technical data
See table
Main purpose of calcium alumina cement
Prepare refractory concrete, refractory castable and unshaped refractory material.
Prepare expansive and self-stressing cement.
Make man made marble.
Non-load bearing sulfate resistant projects.

4. High alumina cement Package: By jumbo Bag
Minimum order quantities: 40 tons.

5. Determination of High alumina cement Type
In the early seventies, a number of problems occurred with structural members manufactured from High Alumina Cement Concrete (HAC). High Alumina Cement undergoes a crystalline re-arrangement known as conversion which can result in a loss in strength, particularly if the original water/cement ratio was not strictly controlled. In order to identify HAC concrete which may be potentially at risk and to distinguish it from concrete manufactured with ordinary Portland cement, a rapid chemical test was devised by the Building Research Station. This method is detailed in BRE Information Sheet IS 15/74.

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