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Ceramic fiber blanket - 1

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1. Ceramic Fiber Blanket Introduction:
Ceramic Fiber Blanket can be used as thermal insulation layers inside the various furnace or kiln. Ceramic fiber blanket and other ceramic fiber products such as ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber tape, ceramic fiber yarn, ceramic fiber ropes are widely used normally now in the tunnel kiln to lighten the whole weight and save the thermal energy. The ceramic fiber blankets with lower thermal conductivity and perfect thermal insulation are widely accepted in the thermal application and more and more instead of the other products used in the kiln.

Ceramic fiber blanket is manufactured from aluminum silicate fiber bulk spinning from kaolinite, alumina silicon dioxide and zircon sand, which been series processing of needling, cutting and rollings, including 1260° C Standard, 1260° C High pure, 1360° C High Aluminum, 1430° C Zirconium ceramic fiber blanket.
The ceramic fiber blanket with the advantage of uniform quality, smoothly surface, pure white color, completely inorganic, good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure, so there are no flames when heating for the first time, The working temperature ranges from 950° C to 1430 ° C.

The production process is melting raw materials into liquid with an electric current power, unaffected by most chemicals(except hydrofluoric&acids and concentrated alkalic), the dust and waste residue are cleaned by dirt catcher. This process adopts indoor operation, the workers just wearing simple protective measures without any side-effects.
Our insulation products have been selling to Germany, UK, Italy, USA, Australia, JapanIndia, Sweden, Poland, Argentina, Malaysia, Philippines and other 30 countries.

2. Ceramic Fiber Blanket Application

1. Industrial building materials kiln, heating device, high-temperature pipe wall lining
2. Electric boiler, turbine and nuclear heat insulation
3. Wall linings of chemical industrial high temerature reaction device and heating equipment
4. High-rise building fireproofing and heat insulation
5. Furnace door and cover insulation
6. High-temperature filter material
7. Waterproof rolling door
8. Thermal insulation in shipping manufacture

This high-quality ceramic fiber blanket has excellent processing or construction strength and anti-high temperature Performance which can meet demands for the application of heat insulation on various hot faces and cold Faces in different furnaces. It is a new type of refractory and insulating materials provided by our company For customers. The product is white with formal dimension and integrates the performance of heat insulation And thermal preservation together.

1. The insulating material for wall lining and back lining of industrial furnaces and heating devices
2. Insulating materials of high-temperature equipment
3. Material to produce module/folded module