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Dakin Compressor/Refrigeration Compressor

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Company:A& S Aerodynamic Co., Ltd
Contact person:Laura Tse
The models of Dakin compressor we could provide:
Dakin JT90BC-Y1L Compressor
Dakin JT95BCBY1L Compressor
Dakin JT140BCBY1L Compressor
Dakin JT160BC-Y1L Compressor
Dakin JT90BH-Y1L Compressor
Dakin JT90BH-V1L  Compressor
Dakin JT212D-Y1L Compressor
Dakin JT212D-P1YE Compressor
Dakin JT300D-P1YE Compressor
Dakin JT125G-P8V1 Compressor
Dakin JT160(170)G-P8Y1 Compressor
Dakin JT95GABY1L Compressor
Dakin JT125GBBY1L Compressor
Dakin JT90G-P8V1N(P8Y1)  Compressor
Dakin JT212/236D-P1YE Compressor
Dakin JT90GABY1L Compressor
Dakin JT100BHV Compressor
Dakin JT100BHVYE Compressor
Dakin JT335DA-Y1L Compressor
AS Aerodynamic Co., Ltd is experienced in providing screw air compressors, piston air compressors ,centrifugal air compressors,refrigeration compressor and their spare parts.We can provide:Ingersoll rand air compressor,Sullair air compressor,Atlas air compressor,KOBELCO air compressor,Hitachi  compressors,Anest Iwata air compressor,Copeland compressor,Mitsubishi compressor,Tecumseh Compressors,Danfoss compressors,Dakin compressor,etc.
The air compressor spares we can provide:compressor hoses,bearings,valves,sensors,gaskets,oil/airfilters,oil/air seperators,coolers,rings,belts,gauges,service kit,switch,etc.
With professional and experienced engineers, we can customize compressors according to drawings, samples or just a requirement or concept from customers.
pictures only for reference,please contact us for more details: