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BNC series CNC plates punching & drilling machine.
Model BNC100 BNC100A BNCZ100 BNVZ100A
Max. Size of workpiece (mm) 1500x800 1500x1000 1500x800 1500x1000
Max. Diameter of punching (mm) Φ 26
Plate thickness of punching (mm) 5-25
Max. Diameter of drilling (mm) --------------------- 50
Max. Plate thickness (mm) --------------------- 40
Punching force (KN) 1000
Marking force (KN) 800
Min. Distance between hole and plate edge (mm) 25
Dimensions of marking characters 14x10x19 (by customers' request)
Quantity of characters 10
Die-stations 3 4
Feeding speed of drilling (mm/min) ------------------------- 25-280
Stroke of drilling spindle (mm) ------------------------ 180
Speeds of drilling spindle (mm/min) -------------------------- 180-560
Precision +/-0.5mm
Programming mode Input by keyboard, RS232 & USB interface
Overall dimensions(m) 3.2x3x1.9 3.5x3x1.9 3.2x3x2.6 3.5x3x2.6
Weight (Kg) 8000 10000 8800 10800

Use: Ideal CNC equipments specially used for marking, punching & drilling of pates

Technical characteristics:
The machine-frame is made by C-type plate welding, with good rigidity. The machine lays three die-stations (among them, one is the marking die-station), which can realize automatic switching. Clamping system can adapt to different workpiece, with zero block as datum mark, and workpiece is supported by rolling-ball working table. X & Y axis action should be controlled by servo motor & ball-screw driving, and double-axis CNC system controls the position of punching, so as to make the whole machining process automatically; Operator may input the sizes of workpiece to computer for repeated calling program.

Adopt CNC technology & servo motor infeeding, with high efficiency & stable workpiece precision.
Realize punching, marking and drilling on the one plate.
Drilling unit can realize rapid falling, slow work-feeding and quick feeding back for improvement of working efficiency.
Easy programming, may input the diameter of holes, position and quantity of workpiece to computer, and also use the program generated by lofting software, or adopt direct conversion CAD/CAM.
With self-diagnosis failures function.
Lighten the working strength of workers.