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tin stabilizer - 3

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Company:oktarget polymer
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Jinan oktarget polymer is mainly in the business of research & developing, manufacturing and sales of PVC additives. It is the largest production base of acrylic impact modifier and processing aid in China. The leading products of the company are: Acrylic Impact Modifiers (10,000 ton/yr), Acrylic Processing Aids (10,000/yr), Impact Modifiers MBS resin (10,000 ton/yr) and medium and ultra-high MW Acrylic Processing Aids (5,000 ton/yr). Methyl Tin Mercaptide (2000 ton/yr), Antimony Mercaptide Heat stabilizer (3000ton/yr),Diisooctyl phenyl phosphite (2000ton/yr). These products are widely used in hard products such as PVC calendaring, PVC profiles, PVC foam pipes, PVC pipe fitting, PVC decorative sheets, PVC films, etc.