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Coal High volatile, Low, Anthracite

Price:negotiated  Wholesale price:  negotiated
Min. amount:3500 mt
Region:Russian FederationKrasnodarskiy KrayTuapse
Contact person:Antropov Ruslan

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«ANCOR LTD» supplies high-quality coal and coal for PCI by Central concentrating factory, mined and processed by enterprises in the southern region of the Russian Federation.

The company supplies any coal of all grades and specifications.

The company supplies products under the following conditions: FOB, FAS, CFR, FCA.

The company supplies the following coal:

• Highly volatile (DMSSh / DPKO / DO);

• Low volatile (TOMSSh).

• Low volatile (AM) Anthracite.

• Low volatile (AKO) Anthracite.

• Low volatile (AS) Anthracite.

• Low volatile (ASH) Anthracite.

Also we can supply coal in big bags and containers.

The quality of coal during shipment is controlled by independent companies (SGS / Incolab) in accordance with international standards (ASTM / ISO) and is confirmed by relevant quality certificates.

We can also produce coal to your specifications.

We will be waiting for your orders.