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sell wire mesh welding machine -

Price:50 000.0 $  Wholesale price:  50 000.0 $
Company:wire mesh machine
Contact person:Lee susan
machine adopts electrical & electronic synchronous control technique both separate-phase welding and welding time is composed of digital and integrated electric circuit. This opeartion is accurate,it has stable function ,firm welded point and without welded tracks.
•Cross wires are needed to be pre-straightened and cut ,then put into the cross wire hopper.Step motor in the hopper controls fetching the cross wire and feeding the cross wires into welding automatically (this technology has won the nation patent ZL200220024381.3),so it is accurate.
•The line wire is fed from coil.The edge of mesh is regular and it is unnecessary to slice the mesh edge.
•Mesh pulling system adopts elastic tension link(that won the nation patent ZL200520024380.9)and mesh opening size opositioning system,it is easy to regulate the mesh hole and mesh opening size is rather accurate,welding aperture could adjust randomly with range. Not only welding speed is fast but also it is easy to learn and operate.Only two men can finish the operation.
•The finished products can be in coil or in panel.

Wire diameter


Line wire feed


Cross wire space


Cross wire feed

Pre cut

Line wire space


Rated voltage


Width of mesh


Rated electical power


Welding speed


Overall dimension


Number of warp


Machine weight


•Application : Poultry cage