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Tobee® Vane Impeller TC25191

Price:5 000 $  Wholesale price:  5 000 $
Min. amount:1 1
Contact person:Yuan Jet

Tobee® The recessed impeller design, together with the large volume casing, has allowed the impeller vanes to be positioned outside of the general flowpath of the fluid. This results in the pump's large particle handling capability as well as very low particle degradation due to the limited vane interaction with the medium being pumped.

The Cyklo (TC) horizontal type hard metal wet end fitted pump range is applied in situations where non-clog or gentle pumping features of the TC are required. The vortex type priciple is applied to avoid damaging particles going through the pump.

TC Pump Key Features:

• Unlined all-metal wet end is suitable for horizontal and vertical configurations
• Double suction with unique recessed open impeller design to create vortex action
• Vortex design transfers energy to the medium being pumped which enables "soft" transfer of solids to limit particle degaradation
• Equally sized inlets and outlets determine maximum particle size the pump can handle limiting potential blocking
• Hard metal fitted for longer operating life
• Large volume casing design reduces internal velocities further decreasing wear and particle degradation

TC Pump Applications:

Carbon Transfer Duties
“Soft” Particles
Sewage and Effluent
Sugar Beet
Diamond Concentrate
Low Shear Duties
Food Industry
General Spillage



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