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Tobee® Shaft Sleeve Parts EE076J04

Price:5 000 $  Wholesale price:  5 000 $
Min. amount:1 1
Contact person:Yuan Jet

Tobee® 6x4EEY-AHP Pump Long type White Ceramic Shaft Sleeve Parts EE076J04, it also suit for 6x4E-AH Slurry Pumps. And the Ceramic Slurry Pump Shaft Sleeves are available for all sizes AH series slurry pumps. Quantity production of this item has already reduced the cost to that comparable to a 316L stainless steel sleeve. You are urged to specify Ceramic Coated Shaft Sleeves” on your next part order.

Ceramic slurry pump parts are widely used in coal power generation, non-ferrous foundry, Mineral Processing, Coal Prep, Cyclone Feeds, Aggregate Processing, Fine Primary Mill Grinding, Chemical Slurry Service, Tailings, Secondary Grinding, Industrial Processing, Pulp and Paper, Food Processing, Cracking Operations, Ash Handling and other high corrosion and wear conditions.

Tobee's ceramic spare parts density is about 5% higher than others, and double flexural strength higher at normal temperature. The Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts mainly included impeller, Liners, Throat bush, Volute, Shaft Sleeve etc., the abrasion resistance of ceramic slurry pump parts are 5 times as wearable as high chrome slurry pump parts.


Ceramic Coating Shaft Sleeve Features:

Corrosion Resistance

SiC has stable chemical properties, can withstand the corrosion of almost all kinds of inorganic acids, organic acids, alkalis, and has strong anti-oxidation properties.

Wear Performance

The crystal structure of SiC is same as regular tetrahedron of diamond, and it is also a compound mainly combined together by covalent bond. In fact, the hardness of SiC is next to that of diamond. Tested by Tobee, the anti-wear performance is 3.51 times that of Cr30.

Service Life

The ceramic coated sleeve surface is highly polished which, together with its lower co-efficient of friction, results in extended sleeve life and long service from the packing.



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