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Tobee® Throat Bush E4083WRT1R55

Price:5 000 $  Wholesale price:  5 000 $
Min. amount:1 1
Contact person:Yuan Jet

Tobee® WRT1 Rubber Pump Wet End Parts-Throat Bush E4083WRT1R55, it can be used for 6x4 AH Rubber Lined Slurry Pumps.

The Slurry Pump Rubber Throat Bush is the main wear parts for the rubber lined slurry pumps. It links plate liner and forms a pump chamber to work with impeller to contact with slurries, the rubber throat bush is normally made in natural rubber, special materials are also available.

And the throat bush makes slurry pump wear to be reduced and maintenance simplified by the use of tapered mating faces to allow positive accurate alignment during assembly and simple removal.

These wear parts are very crucial to the service life of slurry pumps, For the long service life of pump parts, the material plays an important role here, Tobee offers rubber slurry pump parts are more suitable for delivering strong corrosive or abrasive slurries of small particle size without sharp edges.

The Rubber Slurry Pump Parts are widely used in fine slurry conditions and lower PH to 2. Rubber pump spare parts are also many rubbers for different conditions, Tobee offers the full rubber pump parts including R08, R24, R26, R33, R38, R55, R66, S01, S10, S12, S21, S31, S42, S44, S50 etc.



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