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Tobee® 10x8 inch Slurry Pump Labyrinth components

Price:5 000 $  Wholesale price:  5 000 $
Min. amount:1 1
Contact person:Yuan Jet

Tobee® 10x8 AH Horizontal Slurry Pump Labyrinth Parts FAM06210D81 is a component of drive end parts, its purpose is to plug the hole in bearing housing where the shaft passes through for preventing leaking oil.

And the slurry pump labyrinth also ensures permanent protection to the rotor and stator form a non-contacting with no wearing parts.

Slurry Pump Labyrinth Part Codes: B062, C062D062DD062XLE062EE062, EE062XL, F062F062-10, G062-10, GAM062-10, FAM062, X062, R062-1, R062DM, S062, S062DM, T062, T062DM, PV062, QV062, RV062, SV062, etc.

Our Slurry Pump Labyrinth can be used for AH series Slurry Pumps, L series Slurry Pumps, M series Slurry Pumps, H series Slurry Pumps, G and GH series Slurry Pumps.

Slurry Pump Labyrinth are normally made in grey iron material, ductile iron is also available. And Tobee® can offer various materials as the client required, such as C23, D81, E62, G02, etc.

Tobee® manufactures quality High chrome slurry pump parts, Rubber slurry pump parts, Polyurethane slurry pump parts and Ceramic slurry pump parts fully compatible with Standard AH® slurry pumps. Slurry Pump Parts are the most wear parts for the slurry pumps on the site, Slurry pump spare parts mainly include impellers, liners, seals, shaft sleeves, and bearing assembly etc. A lot of Tobee’s user’s use Slurry pumps in dealing with the OEM, The users are constantly faced with high costs, slow delivery times and bad customer service, so Tobee started to supply slurry pump parts that are 100% interchangeable with AH® slurry pumps.



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