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Qingdao Pafic Hardware Co.,Ltd

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PAFIC was established as a private enterprise at Qingdao in 1997. After twice minor expansion, the factory was moved to Industrial Zone, located at 1 Pafic Road, Jiaobei Industrial Zone, Jiaobei, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, only 30minutes away from the air port 60minutes away from central Qingdao. The factory was enlarged to a total coverage of 21,000 m2 in 2008. Currently, PAFIC has been equipped with modern logistics and storage center and test laboratory. We have re-passed the new certificate of ISO90
Founded:in 1997 year
Activity:services,  trade,  production, 
agricultural equipment, spares,  automatic control system,  industrial equipment,  industrial equipment spare parts,  mechanical equipment,  wire goods manufacture, 

Yinchuan Shoufeng Material Trading Co.,Ltd

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Founded in 1999,located in Yinchuan City,China. API certificate and required downhole equipments and spare parts such as drill pipe,drill collar,stablilizer,mud pump and spare parts
Region:Czech Republicon map
Founded:in 1999 year
mechanical equipment,  valves,  wire goods manufacture,