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KonRun Biological Technology Co., Ltd

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Glad to hear that you're on the market for food safety diagnostics products. KonRun specialize in this field for food rapid test kit for years, With the strength of milk antibiotics residues test, honey test and adulteration test kit, with good quality and competitive price
Region:Guangzhouon map
dairy produce, 


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Region:Hong Kongon map
Founded:in 2008 year
Activity:services,  trade,  production, 
trading and food industry,  foodstuff and drinks,  dairy produce,  medicine, cosmetology,  bioactive supplements,  tea, coffee, cocoa,  childrens and dietetic food,  spicery, seasonings, food concentrates,  confectionery,  butter, oil, adipose,  agriculture,  farming,  miscellaneous,  agricultural production,  miscellaneous,  miscellaneous,  consumer and industrial goods,  sports goods,  miscellaneous,  acids, salts,