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corn flour cucuruzeni the boroshno

Offer type: salePublished: 23.04.2019
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Corn flour was long known and loved him in those
countries where corn was grown in large quantities. It
were used for baking bread (because it's bad flour
is loosened, it is difficult to bake lush bread and rolls), and
preparation of various dishes. This corn flour has
useful properties not found in other types of flour. First of all
it should be noted that corn flour can be stored twice and
even three times longer than wheat. Also it is extremely rich
fiber that can be used in making baby
the meals. In addition, corn flour contains such
trace elements like copper, phosphorus, Nickel, magnesium and calcium, also in
a considerable amount. In our time, corn flour is used to
making dietary needs. Many people who are willing
to lose weight, noted that dishes made of corn flour
very hearty, with a relatively small number of calories that are contained
in it. So for those who are on a diet, this meal is indispensable. In addition to
this food made of corn flour is recommended for people who have
digestive problems and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It
slows the fermentation of carbohydrates that can help with mild diarrhea. And
corn flour is very rich in protein, so it can be
vegetarians excellent source. Among other things, it serves from
corn flour, reduce the level of cholesterol in the human body.
And they are very useful for people with weak cardiovascular system and
can serve to prevent the development of diseases of the blood vessels and the heart.