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January 6 - first in Milan holiday in historical costumes

Offer type: servicesPublished: 30.12.2014
Seller:Shatskaya Alesya
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You have a unique opportunity to take part in the Procession Volkhov to the Madonna and born Jesus. Next to You, the participants will go to horses and donkeys
to carry all of that carried in the gift of the Madonna and her newborn baby Jesus.
In practice, you can learn interesting history of Milan, some important pages of Christianity and to get acquainted with the participants of this parade - residents of Milan.
The actual procession through the centre of Milan will last longer than one hour.
But you will need to come early to get previously ordered the costume shepherds and Queens.
You also need time after the procession to pass historic costumes on the list.
This event will be remembered for adults and children of any age for the rest of your life.
And when the remembrance of him will always be on the face of a satisfied smile.
Don't miss this unique opportunity, while there are suits of all sizes.