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Search of clients in the areas of sales, marketing.

Offer type: servicesPublished: 10.12.2014
Seller:Sherstobitov Aleksandr
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Address:Samarskaya Oblast', Tolyatti, Russian Federation
SALESDIRECTION - search for potential clients with a professional team of sales representatives and sales managers, the agreement on cooperation, and selling your product, goods or services in the regions of Russia.
We offer:
- mapping (census area);
- translation of a potential customer into a real customer;
- maintain client database;
- audit client base;
- audit of non-performing customer base;
- development of client base;
- selection of sales personnel.
We provide:
Speed: with a ready team of sales representatives in the regions, we are ready to start implementing the measures agreed immediately.
Savings: we save our Clients from having to search personnel and test events (which usually takes more than one month) in respect of hired employees, as well as completely eliminate Your travel expenses experienced staff in the Central office in developing the region.
Transparency: the lack of third-party flows of goods and money abuses sales representatives in the field, because we, unlike salaried employees, have no temptation to do business out of business. Our business is practical to build and maintain sales system, and not the income from the sales. All received about the client base of information is provided to our Client, and is structured, if necessary, treated analytically.