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The company "Relax" gives recommendations on the issue of "Replacement passport when changing surnames"

Offer type: servicesPublished: 25.12.2013
The company "Relax" with official representation in the network, gives useful recommendations arising from the replacement passport when changing names. You will learn what documents are required in a given situation, and how to issue them in the shortest possible time.
If you have recently changed your surname, for example, marry or have expressed their own desire to take the name of one of the parents, as well as for other reasons, then you probably know. Not only was the passport of the Russian Federation to be replaced, but the passport. In order you issued the passport with the new name, you must provide certain documents. You must show a new Russian passport and the certificate of registration of marriage, and the decision to divorce (if you changed the name when the divorce), as these documents are very important when replacing your passport when changing names. In addition, the required pictures, copies of employment records, application for a passport. A complete list of required documents can be found on the official website of "Relax", which provides professional assistance in processing passports.
Most often, the issuance of a new passport varies depending on the registration document, for example, the period of registration at the place of permanent residence is approximately 1 month, and the deadline for registration at the place of temporary registration for up to 4 months. If you want to significantly accelerate the process of replacing the passport, contact the tourist firm, which will help you in getting the document in a few days or a maximum of 1 month.
The process is almost the same as in obtaining a Russian passport, so you gather the necessary documents and submit it to the passport and visa service of your city.
If you have difficulty with the preparation of necessary documents or if you don't have enough time, "Relax" for a set fee, will provide you with professional assistance in the replacement passport when changing names. To contact "Relax" can almost every inhabitant of Russia, as the company's activity covers the residents of Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of the country. Turnaround time through the company's "Relax" is from 4 days to 1 month.
Learn all the necessary information you can call on multi-channel telephone company "Relax" +7 (495) 788 - 77 - 94, or leave a letter to the consultant by e-mail
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