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Kitchen countertops made of quartz agglomerate

Offer type: salePublished: 12.12.2013
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Address:Russian Federation, Sverdlovskaya Oblast'
Kitchen countertops made of quartz agglomerate to order, Ekaterinburg.
Quartz agglomerate one of the most durable and popular materials for kitchen countertop. Created in the 1980s, he has firmly secured its position in the hearts of architects and designers. It is strong and durable as granite and has many more advantages:
+ more than 100 colors, a variety of textures;
+ absolutely monolithic material, thus, we avoid the danger of a split surface;
+ quartz stone is absolutely non-porous material. Moisture is not absorbed into the surface and, consequently, do not develop mold and bacteria;
+ resistant to stains (e.g., wine);
+ can withstand high temperatures (up to 400);
+ safe for contact with food;
+ has no background radiation;
+ resistant to scratching;
+ strength;
+ resistant to abrasion;
+ looks and feels like natural stone;
+ does not require additional impregnation and polishes;
+ behind the stone nice and easy to care for.
The cost of quartz countertops comparable to the price of granite or high quality acrylic countertops. If You offer a very cheap material, think, don't have to "pay twice".