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Countertops in the river in any amount

Offer type: salePublished: 11.11.2017
Company:Kompaniya "Dekori Elite"
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Working area of any housewife can not do without a good table top. The choice of such an important kitchen should be approached responsibly. Most of the time, where is the cooking a culinary masterpiece is spent on the countertop. To select the correct Stoleshniki should contact the specialty stores, monitoring the quality of products and can choose the desired option.

Countertops in the river

The company Dekori Elite offers to buy countertops in the river wholesale and retail. With offices in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepr, Kharkiv and beyond, our company has established its distribution so that anyone could buy a quality product in your city or nearby. The reason for this arrangement is that you could quickly get the goods, while in any point of Ukraine.

The main selling countertops Dnieper have on the production of HPL plastic and acrylic. Options such countertops have many advantages:

  • resistant to any high temperatures (even a cigarette butt can not damage the surface);
  • defy Erasure and fading;
  • the richness of design and any variety of colors;
  • any sizes for your kitchen;
  • the filling of the chipboard makes it very durable.

The upper layer of table tops made of plastic and acrylic is an excellent material for permanent use. Every day the mistress affects stolisnik various appliances and Cutlery, but on the surface no traces of such work.

On our website you will find products with a photo, price and accurate description of each object. The presented set of characteristics will allow you to correctly determine the choice.

Particle Board as the basis for countertops

Material particleboard (chipboard) is used wherever is required to make the design robust to mechanical stress. Such popularity due to several advantages of the material over conventional wood:

  • high levels of water resistance and strength;
  • easy to process, that allowed to use non-standard design solutions;
  • well it keeps the glue, nails or screws;
  • low cost.

Wholesale and retail

Retail our company is constantly bearing fruit. When ordering products from the manufacturer, we have the most competitive prices available to our customers.

Our company is set up for wholesale and long-term cooperation in this key. For regular customers we can consider the individual conditions of cooperation.